SQLite-Extended is a sub set of commands added to the SQLite library. I made this because I wanted simple commands to read or write all data of an object. And not object by object as in the standard SQLite Library. So we read and write the data recursive as long the data in the object is available.

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This link Class is the page with all objects / classes we use in the our Demo.

A Club  has members (TeamPlayers) and  Teams.
Each  Team  has  TeamPlayers  , and  Notes
The  Teams  has multiple  TeamMatches  which have  Matches, and  MacthSets
The  Teamplayers  has  NotesMacthes  and   MacthSets

TeamMatches  can have more than one  Team so it’s a Many to Many relation
Matches  can have more than one  Teamplayer  so it’s a Many to Many relation.

A complex structure – object (our demo use HomeClub) , get and updating all information can be difficult, the methods in 
SQL-Extended does it with one command for writing:  


and commands for reading all the data (example): 




There are of course more methods in the SQLite-Extended , see for more information the next pages and the detailed manual which is added to the package.
The package SQLite-Extended is available on the Unity Asset Store.

See for all the commands: SQLite-Doc

Known limitations: 

IL2CPP – does not works because of the limitations: reflection.emit.