SQL - Extended  1.0.0
Pi-Con: Small utilities makes the difference

SQL-Extended is a project that makes it posiible with one command to get and put all data from and into a database. SQL-Extended is based on SQLite-Net, and we have modified and added a lot of code to get recursive functionality.

Extended functions: Reading from the database. Besides the normal columns the related data with One to Many and Many to Many relations (Foreign Keys) will be fetched. And on top of that the methods works recursive on related data. So you fetch with ONE command all data of the specified object and its related data.

Extended Read functions:

  • TableOneToMany
  • TableManyToMany
  • TableAllToMany
  • CheckManyToMany

Extended functions: Write (Upsert) from the database. Beside of the normal functions there already in the SQLite version we have added an Upsert command. The Upsert or inserts objects iinto the table(s) also this function works with the One To Many and Many To Many relations. If the object has also related data but not the correspondending Id's (ForeignKey -column) then it will be populated with the parent primary Key Also the ManyToMany reference table will be populated with the nessecary information.

Extended Write Functions:

  • UpSert
  • WriteManyToManyRefTable

We modified the one file solution (SQL-NET) into separate files. We added in several basic SQLite-Net files some code. SO it is NOT possible to exchange all files with the one file solution from SQLite. All files with modifications or new are located in the sub-folder Extended.


  • SQLExtended (modified and new code)
  • SQLite (base code)
  • Utilities (Pi-Con utilities, extended methods)

Roadmap SQL-Extended -SQL-Extended

License Pi-CON (SQL Extended)

Status Documenation

  • The public Methods / properties are fully documented, and some of the private ones.
  • If you have some adjustments please notify me!!
  • E-mail: info@.nosp@m.pi-c.nosp@m.on.nl